Click here to support Help FrankieBoy, an Aban…

Click here to support Help FrankieBoy, an Abandoned Dog organized by Cristina Barone:


Everyone, for the past couple months Frankie has been doing well, and I thank every single person who donated. Lately, however, his health is declining. I have some money saved but I’m still in school and only have a part time job and don’t know if I can afford a big vet visit. He isn’t eating or drinking, he groans every couple of minutes, and limps/wobbles when he tries to walk. Please, every dollar counts, every cent counts, it’ll all go towards this upcoming vet visit. He’s in a cage now just to keep him in one place where we can watch him. He’s about 11 years old now, but has so much life in his still, just a couple days ago he was acting perfectly fine. I don’t know what happened, and I need to figure it out, so please, please, help Frankie get better.

Please reblog this if you can’t donate, spread the word, I love this dog so much I need for him to get better

Help out this dog if you can folks. He’s a handsome boy who needs a hand right now.