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a curious boi

Good news: Eleanor doesn’t have hip dysplasia.

Figaro shaking off the summer in the most magical way �

Enzo stuck his tongue out at me for the picture!


Apple iPhone X TPU Case, [Corgi]

Apple iPhone X TPU Crystal Silicone Case
High quality, slim fit case molds to fit your Apple iPhone X without covering important buttons and ports.
Slides easily in and out of pockets without gathering lint and dust.
Firm enough to protect from scratches and drops, soft enough to conform to every nook and cranny of your Apple iPhone X.
Cute Corgi at the bottom enhances the look of your phone without making it bulky and burdensome.

Loaf boy

Charlie the cheeky corgi at the Beach

Rufus and Penni are park splootin pals

The moment she was asked who’s a good girl. “Oh, well you see that would be me papa, I am goodest girl.”


Key Holder and Dog Leash Hanger

Set the names to all dogs or all people in our variations section and make this key chain/leash hanger truly yours or as an extra thoughtful gift this holiday season. Because remembering pets names is as important the human half for real dog lovers.**his, Hers and painted dog paw default if none chosen.**

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