Author: Puppies For Dummies

Is this the giant monster from Cloverfield? Unlike that movie your guess is a big flop. This is a puppy, dummy.

Right now the information is outside of your brain but we need it inside, so put this on in there. This is a puppy, dummy.

Like gossip? I have the latest dirt on this one right here. Turns out … it’s a puppy, dummy. 

You know, I bet your mom would like you to know what these are. Just saying. These are puppies, dummy.

Is this a person from Star Wars? A paw-d racer? For how wrong that statement is at least it is pawed. This is a puppy, dummy.

Just like Eric Carmen I bet you don’t want to be all by yourself. Don’t wanna be all by yourself, anymore. Then learn what everybody else knows. This is a puppy, dummy.

Uhm, if you’re going to be a dummy. Could you, like, not? This is a puppy, dummy.

Is there anyone you look up to? They almost certainly know what this is. Be like them. This is a puppy, dummy.

Haven’t seen one this confusing in a while, huh. I want you to note the differences. The one on the right is a full grown dog and the one on the left is a puppy, dummy.

Welcome to the rough and tumble world of learning where preconceptions get smashed and egos get bruised. Do you think you can handle it? I think you can. These are puppies, dummy.