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Ebie and her buddy, Rowdy.

What’s up, folks?! Remember how that follower made artwork of my boy, Colt? Well I had one done of Ebie too!

I am in love with them. Look how good it is!

Everybody needs to go check out @thelizart!

Yo folks! A follower did art of my boy, Colt!

It’s so good! Check it.

I highly recommend everyone go check out @thelizart! It’s fantastic work from the kindest person!

This handsome boy is Oliver.

Y’all ever see Jaws?

And btw, thanks for 44,000 followers! Hope you enjoy this vid of my boy taking a tortilla chip to the tonsils!

This handsome boy is Trunks.

Annie is the cutest tripod!

Remi laying on his brother, Copper.

This mega sweetheart is Annie. She has too many legs but it’s ok. She is perfect just the way she is.

This is Leia and she is definitely a princess.