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What’s up, folks?! Remember how that follower made artwork of my boy, Colt? Well I had one done of Ebie too!

I am in love with them. Look how good it is!

Everybody needs to go check out @thelizart!

Yo folks! A follower did art of my boy, Colt!

It’s so good! Check it.

I highly recommend everyone go check out @thelizart! It’s fantastic work from the kindest person!

This handsome boy is Oliver.

Y’all ever see Jaws?

And btw, thanks for 44,000 followers! Hope you enjoy this vid of my boy taking a tortilla chip to the tonsils!

This handsome boy is Trunks.

This is Leia and she is definitely a princess.


Parker is a sweet boy who nibbles a little bit when he’s giving kisses.

I really miss you, bud. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye.

Here’s another one of the little darling. Please, serious inquiries only. I love this little girl so much and so does her mom.

This beautiful little girl is Helen. She’s partially deaf and also in need of a new home. I’m posting this in hopes that we can find her a wonderful new forever home. Her current mom has fallen into a stressful spot and really wants this little baby to have the best home possible. She’s a lively little puppy at only 6 months. If you’re absolutely serious about giving this babe a fantastic new family, then please message me.

Colt is the #1 Most Handsome Boy. And Yes, that is the only tooth in her top row of teeth.