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These are crazy times. Hopefully Ebie can at least make ya go 😍 for a little moment. I would also like to thank y’all for just hitting 45,000 followers. I know I don’t post a lot lately but life kinda gets in the way sometimes. Hope you’re safe and please, be kind to others.

P.s. huge thank you to the people who saw my last post and sent some money my way. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you kind souls.

Ebie and her buddy, Rowdy.

What’s up, folks?! Remember how that follower made artwork of my boy, Colt? Well I had one done of Ebie too!

I am in love with them. Look how good it is!

Everybody needs to go check out @thelizart!



I love her.

Colt is the #1 Most Handsome Boy. And Yes, that is the only tooth in her top row of teeth.

Look at that smug ass face. She knows she has everyone she’s ever met bowing at her tippy-tappers. All hail the Daughter of The Cosmos.

Who ordered a pile of fluff?

The forest makes Ebie happy. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!