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Hi, if it’s possible I would like to ask for one moment of your time. I try and rescue/rehome strays in my country since there are very few pet shelters, so individual action is necessary. It’s easier than it sounds, I mostly “catch” and take in not very feral strays for a period of time, get them used to people and toilet train them, then find them a new home. The expenses tend to be a little high, but I make enough that I can cover a check up, some vaccines, and a neuteuring/spaying, sometimes the person who will adopt the dog even pays about 50% so its handled pretty much most of the time. I rescue about one-two strays per 3 months.

Which brings me to now, and to a case that is very much out of my league financially. There is a dog that my brother found by the side of the road in a rural area, it cant stand up for more than a minute before falling sideways, howls in pain all the time, and it throws up blood. We think its been hit by a car, and the vet says that it must have brain damage. Its skin is in a terrible condition, but most of the damage is in its hind legs and a traumatic brain injury. I’ve bought the dog to a vet, and have been quoted 5000DH for X-rays and a fullbody checkup and scans, which is about 500$ US, not taking into consideration the possible treatement and medication costs, to put it into perspective my paycheck is 6000DH (600US). I am currently taking care of the dog, but need to bring it up to the vet ASAP and pay fullprice. I’ve started raising money locally, but I hope Tumblr can help me out as well. Sparing a dollar or a reblog means a lot. I’ve put a picture up with the post, but didn’t attach the video since it could be triggering to some , if you would like to see it then feel free to DM me. And thank you to all.

Help out if you can, folks.

“Unconditional love is as close as your nearest shelter”

– Unknown